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Biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of living organisms the term biology is derived from the combination of two greek...Read More


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Gene is the basic unit of heredity found in the cells of all living organisms, from bacteria to humans. Genes determine the physical charact...Read More


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The branch of biology which deals with the  study of inter-relationship amonisms and interactions between animals and their enviriments is c...Read More


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                            ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Organic Chemistry is the branch of chemistry in which deals with the study of carbon compou...Read More


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The words Thermodynamics ‘Thermo’ means Heat and ‘Dynamics’ means study so that Thermodynamics is a branch  of physics that describes and co...Read More


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Diesel Engine Is a type of internal-combustion engine in which heat caused by air compression ignites the fuel. At the instant fuel is injec...Read More


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The branch of biology which deals with the concerned with the study of plants. Plants are now defined as multicellular organisms that carry ...Read More


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The  study of the composition, structure, properties, and interactions of matter. Chemistry is also called the central science, because its ...Read More


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Physics, major science, dealing with the fundamental constituents of the universe, the forces they exert on one another, and the results pro...Read More


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                                                                     Science INTRODUCTION The Science is the systematic study of anythi...Read More