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Biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of living organisms the term biology is derived from the combination of two greek words –‘bios’ that mens life and ‘logos’ that means knowledge Biology is also known as science of life. The term was introduced in Germany in 1800 and popularized by the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck as a means of encompassing the growing number of disciplines involved with the study of living forms. The unifying concept of biology received its greatest stimulus from the English zoologist Thomas Henry Huxley, who was also an important educator. Huxley insisted that the conventional segregation of zoology and botany was intellectually meaningless and that all living things should be studied in an integrated way. Huxley’s approach to the study of biology is even more cogent today, because scientists now realize that many lower organisms are neither plants nor animals. The limits of the science, however, have always been difficult to determine, and as the scope of biology has shifted over the years, its subject areas have been changed and reorganized. Today biology is subdivided into hierarchies based on the molecule, the cell, the organism, and the population.Biology is very vast and complex subjects and the scope of biology is very wide.Biology is the study of living organisms that includes plant ,animal and micro-animal. Hance basically it has three main branchs they are

1 Botany : Branch of biology that deals with the study of plants

2 Zoology: Branch of biology that deals with the study of Animals

3 Micro-Biology : Branch of biology that deals with the study of micro-orsanisms
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