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The branch of biology which deals with the concerned with the study of plants. Plants are now defined as multicellular organisms that carry out photosynthesis. Organisms that had previously been called plants, however, such as bacteria, algae, and fungi, continue to be the province of botany, because of their historical connection with the discipline and their many similarities to true plants, and because of the practicality of not fragmenting the study of organisms into too many separate fields. Botany is concerned with all aspects of the study of plants, from the smallest and simplest forms to the largest and most complex, from the study of all aspects of an individual plant to the complex interactions of all the different members of a complicated botanical community of plants with their environment and with animals Branch of botany is very wide some are folling

Algalogy : Study of Algae

Mycology : Study of Fungai

Zymology : Study of Yeast

Bryology : Study of Bryophytes

Bacteriology : Study of Bacteria

Virology : Study of Study Virus

Pomology : Study of Fruits

Olericulture : Study of vegeatables

Spermology : Study of Seed

Pedology : Study of Soil

Palynology : Study of pollen grain

Agrostology : Study of Grasses
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