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Friday, June 6, 2014

What is Buckminister fullerene ?

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One of the most intresting development in late 20th century is the discovary of a new allotropic forms of carbonn, the fullerenc. It is the third form of pure crystaline form of the carbon after diamond and graphite. The new forms of carbon exist as C60 carbon cluster compound in the form of mustard coloured crystaline solid which dissolved in benzine to give magenta (Reddish purple) coloured solution. The molecule is of an extra ordinary structure consisting of C60 carbon atoms in a fused ring aromatic system which bends around and closer to form a "Soccer Ball" Shaped molecule with 20 six membred rings and 12 five membered rings and each carbon atom in it is sp2 hybridred and linked with three other carbon atom with one down and two single bond. It has been called Most Symmertical Molecule. The C60 molecule were first recognized and named as "Buckmiister fullerene" after the American architech enginear F.Buckminister (Bucky) Fuller. Who designed similar sheped down. More commenly, these molecules are now called fullerene and most informally "Bucky ball". This isomer of  carbon differ from diamond and graphite that diamond and graphite form lattice but fullerenes form discrete molecules.