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Can U Prove?


C How I Prve

X = Y

X+X-X = Y+Y-Y



2(X -Y)=X-Y




Pooray Maths Ki Base Hila Dali;-)


1 Day A Box Wasnt Opening

Lawyer Came, Applied All Laws But It Didnt Open

Chemist Came, Applied All
Reactions But It Didnt Open

Physican Came, Applied All Forces But No Use

Even The Biologist Failed

Mathmatician Came &




“Lets SUPPOSE The Box Is Open”;-)

My Dear Luv,
Yesterday I Was Passing
By Ur Rectangular House
In Trigonometric Lane.
There I Saw U With Ur Cute Circular Face
Conical Nose N Spherical Eyes
Standing In Ur Triangular Garden
B4 Seeing U My Heart Was A Null Set
But When A Vector Of Magnitude(Likeness)
From Ur Eyes At A Deviation Of Theta Radians
Made A Tangent To My Heart
It Differentiated.
My Luv 4u Is A Quadratic Equation
With Real Roots..

After 2 Years Of Tough Life With His Wife
Finally Da
Engineer Got Angry And Sent A Note
To His Father In Law
Starting That:
Your Product Not Meeting My Requirements

The Smart Father-In-Law Replied:
Warranty Expired ,Company Not Responsible

Q . Which Weapon Can U Make
By Combining Potassium Nickel
And Iron?

Ans: Knife

Got Confused?


Just Seee

Chemical Symbol Of
Potassium = K
Nikcle = Ni
Iron = Fe

There Combination Is
“K Ni Fe”

Chemical Symbol Of Barium?


For Sodium?


What Will Happen When 1 Atom Of Ba
And 2 Atom Of Na Combine??



Two Hydrogen Atoms Were Walking Down The Street. One Atoms Said, "i Lost An Electron."
"you Sure?"
"i'm Positive"


Where Is The Category For American Jokes ?

what The Nasa Stands For?
need Another Seven Astronauts. 

A Funny Test

Take This Stress Test by Answering 2 Questions...

1. Which Mouse has Two Legs?
Ans. Mickey Mouse.

2. Which Duck has 2 legs?
If you answered Donald Duck,
You Are Under Stress.
Because All Ducks have Two Legs.
So Please Chill out and Enjoy.

Neutron At A Bar

A Neutron Walks Into A Bar And Askes The Bar Tender For A Drink, The Bar Tender Quickly Rushes Off And Returns With The Most Expencive Drink In The House. The Neutron Then Asks How Much? To Which The Bar Tender Replies For You Sir No Charge.

How To Really Piss A Teacher Off!!

In Your Chem. Lab, If You Can Get A Hold To Some Liquid Nitrogen, Dip A Can Of Shaving Cream In It. After It Freezes, Peel Away The Aluminum And And Place The Frozen Shaving Cream In The Car Of A Teacher That Really Pisses You Off And Then Watch And

Armey Of Atoms

In A War Between Atoms And Ions:
first Soldier Atom Complained To Other Soldier Atom And Said : I Have Been Hit By A Cation"
second Soldier Atom Asked : " Are You Sure"
the First Soldier Atom Said In Reply : " I Am Positve"

Two Atoms

Two Atoms Are Walking Down The Road When One Accidentally Bumps Into The Other.

first Atom: "oh No! I Think You've Stolen Some Of My Electrons!"

second Atom: "are You Sure?"

first Atom: "i'm Positive!"
NEW Xam Pattern::

General Students ::Ans All The Ques..

OBC :: Ans Any Ques?.

SC :: Just Read All Ques

ST :: Thanx For Cuming To Exams?
What Is A Fear? ? ?

Fear Is The Deep, Wrenching Feeling In Your Stomach When Pages Of Your Book Still Smell New & Just Few Hours Left For Your Exams. !

A? Meray Rabba
?Day ?arry Dabba?

A? Meray Moula
?Day 86 ?orolla?

A? Meray Moula
??utt ?umb Da Gola?
?Na Raway ?oard,?
?a Pavy Result Da Rola

Jo exams ki wajah se ziada tension mai hai un k liye!!

Parhna likhna chhor paray,
Nakal pe rakh aaass,
Utha razayi aur so ja buchay,
Rab krega PASS.

4 Years Of Study.

50 Gb Syllabus

50 Mb We Study

50 Kb We Remember

50 Bytes We Answer

Binary Marks Get

This Is Known As BRAIN EMPTY [B.E] ? (=

Xams are there,

at the paper u stare;

the answer is nowhere,

which makes u pull ur hair.

The teachers make u glare,

the grades r not fair,

but just like the past 20 yrs,


Friendship Sms

Luk at the world as 1 big chocolate cake.
It would never b complete without few sweets n nuts.
Sweet like ME & nut like U

If u hide, i'll seek 4 u.
If u r lost, i'll search 4 u.
If u'll leave, i'll wait 4 u.
If days take u away 4m me, i'll fight 4 u.
if u stop sending msgs,
i'll kill you.

Q: Why did the acid go to the gym? 
A: To become a buffer solution! 

Q: Why can you never trust atoms? 
A: They make up everything! 

Q: Why does hamburger have lower energy than steak? 
A: Because it's in the ground state. 

Q: How many moles are in a guacamole? 
A: Avocado's number. 

Q: If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?
 A: H2O cubed. 

Q: Why did Chlorine's sisters Boron and Carbon lock her in the closet?

 A: Because she was too attractive! 

Q: Did you hear about the chemist who was reading a book about Helium? 
A: He just couldn't put it down. 

Q: What is a chemist's favorite kind of tree? 
A: A chemistree 

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