How to Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Security Threats


Here are easy actions which will reduce your risks during online shopping.

  • Update Your Browser and OS: These updates protect devices from vulnerabilities and online attacks.
  • Use Powerful Antivirus/Anti-Malware Software : Built with an advanced algorithm, the software detects malicious activities. It even prevents you from unknowingly logging into a malicious website.
  • Avoid Using Debit Cards: Using a credit 💳 to shop online is much safer than using a debit 💳. That's because a credit card has more consumer protection.
  •  Implement Script Blockers (an extension that provides an extra layer of security for browsers). It blocks unnecessary and harmful scripts like JavaScript and iframes on retail stores you visit. You can use this free script blocker.
  • Use secured Websites: Avoid websites that don't have HTTPS in their URL or a padlock icon 🔒 beside the URL. 🔒 means your personal information is encrypted.

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