Cracked Apps Can Be Harmful To Your Android Phone!

 Are you the type to circumvent the Google Play Store to get a free copy of a paid app? Downloading cracked Android apps from a shady website or untrustworthy third-party app store is how most Android devices get infected.

Don't risk everything just to get hold of one app❗️ These are why you should avoid cracked apps on your 📱.
✔️  Cracked apps are one of the biggest sources of malware and viruses.

✔️The download sources for cracked apps are often malicious.

✔️There is no guarantee that the APK file will actually work. The websites offering cracked apps have another benefit to gain from your visit to their site. They clickbait you to visit their website to improve the site's traffic in the process.

✔️Your account might get banned along with potential legal issues.

Stay safe and avoid cracked apps!

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