Fun Google Tricks You Should Know About

Engineers like to have fun, too, and on Google, there are a number of search-related Easter eggs. Here are a few words or phrases to search if you want a little surprise:\
  • Wordle: Capitalizing on the current Wordle phenomenon, Google wordle for a logo inspired by the web game on the top left.

  • Anagram: Google will ask if you meant "Nag A Ram."

  • Define anagram: Google will ask if you meant "nerd fame again."

  • the answer to life the universe and everything: The answer is 42.

  • Askew: Your screen will tilt.

  • Bletchley Park: Google will decode the name under the Google Maps card.

  • Blink HTML: The words "HTML" and "blink" will blink on the search page.

  • Do a barrel roll or z or r twice: The screen will do a 360.

  • Festivus: A Festivus pole is added to the left side of the screen.

  • Google in 1998: Google will look like it did back in the day.

  • Google logo history: Take a tour through the different iterations of the Google logo.

  • Marquee HTML: The number of search results will be displayed as a marquee sign.

  • Recursion: Google will ask if you meant "recursion."

  • Sonic the Hedgehog game: An animated sprite of Sonic will appear in the search card. Click him for a surprise.

  • Super Mario. Bros. 1985: An animated sprite of a coin block will appear in the search card. Click it to grab a coin.

  • Solitaire: Play the classic card game by searching for "Solitaire" and clicking on the result.

  • Pac-Man: Play the classic arcade game by searching "Pac-Man" on Google and clicking on the result.

  • Google Gravity: Type "Google Gravity" and click on the first result, it will make all the search elements on the page fall down.

  • Webdriver torso: The Google logo will turn into colored blocks

  • Funny Jokes: Google has a sense of humor, search "Funny jokes" and it will give you a nice collection of jokes you can read through.

  • Weather: Searching "Weather" will give you current weather and a forecast of your location.

These are just a few examples of the many fun Google tricks that you can try out. Give them a try, and you might discover a new favorite way to use the search engine!

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