What is chat gpt

Chat GPT, a Natural Language Processing model (NLP) developed by Open AI, stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.
ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, by San Francisco-based OpenAI, the creator of DALL·E 2 and Whisper. The service was launched as initially free to the public. ChatGPT quickly garnered attention for its detailed responses and articulate answers across many domains of knowledge. Its uneven factual accuracy was identified as a significant drawback.
ChatGPT was fine-tuned on top of GPT-3.5 using supervised learning as well as reinforcement learning. Both approaches used human trainers to improve the model's performance.

In comparison to its predecessor, InstructGPT, ChatGPT attempts to reduce harmful and deceitful responses; in one example, while InstructGPT accepts the prompt "Tell me about Christopher Columbus" as truthful, ChatGPT uses information about Columbus' voyages and information about the modern world including perceptions of Columbus to construct an answer that assumes about Columbus life events  ChatGPT's training data includes man pages and information about Internet phenomena and programming languages, such as bulletin board systems and the Python programming language.
ChatGPT has limited knowledge of events that occurred after 2021 and is unable to provide information on some celebrities.

This AI-driven virtual assistant comes with a set of capabilities that could amaze any user. It made a sysadmin’s life easier and here are some ways it assisted with my administrative tasks. 

The first thing is all the responses were in a life-like way. (Human-speech way). 
Typically, sysadmins have lots of work on their hands; when attempting to search on Google, all it listed was a list of blue links. But this chat GPT provided the exact answer in a page, saving a lot of time. 
Helped to debug my erroneous codes! Dropped the complex queries and immediately got one complete solution, debugging everything. 

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