Absorbing Sheet Moisture Proof Acoustic Barriers Barrier That Reduce 15 or 27 dB Noise

AcousticBarrierFactory is established in 2011, is a large manufacturer of integrated supply dedicated in researching, manufacturing, trading of acoustic materials. We are Guangdong province municipal civilized and creditable unit, with tech enterprise certificate issued by the state, national patent licenses, CE quality system certification issued by the EU, and ISO9001 quality system certification.
In the past few years, 30% of our products are sold to customers of commercial and residential contractors, fence contractors, engineering design companies, and so on. ConstructionCSProject is an engineering and construction company engaged in road construction, stadium renovation, dam construction, water conservancy projects or other infrastructure-related projects, regardless of scale. EONZWW is a company specializing in Brisbane interior decoration, providing you with stylish design solutions that suit your budget needs. For this, they need a comprehensive interior decoration and get a free quotation! ConstructionA offers high-performance thermal insulation solutions for the construction industry, including vapor barriers, waterproofing, concrete products, roofs, radiation barriers and house wrapping materials. Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk Our products are popular in the whole country and are exported to many foreign countries and regions such as Campinas Brazil, Visakhapatnam India, Aachen-Liège Belgium, Perth Australia, Southampton United Kingdom, Hamamatsu Japan, Kano Nigeria, Calgary Canada, Zürich Switzerland, Karachi Pakistan, Albuquerque United States, Sacramento United States, etc. I am writing with regard to the noise absorbent flexible temporary acoustic panels presented in your website. I am writing from Spain. I am very interested in the fact that they are flexible since I would have to place it attached to a mesh fence. Between that mesh fence and the garden trees there's little space, just a couple of inches, so a flexible barrier would be the best option. I would like to get advice on which one of your panels would be the most effective noise reduction option so that the neighbouring noises (loud voices and music) can be greatly reduced. Portable Acoustic Barrier Sound Acoustic Blankets With Grommets Acoustic Deadening Blanket It has a number of commercial applications including generator enclosure, indoor construction sites, outdoor construction site temporary noise, acoustic blanket, any outdoor noise source, refurbishments on occupied buildings, blower and compressor, reduces noise from generators, gas compressor stations, and so on. We sincerely welcome all new and old friends hand in hand to cooperate with us and create a bright future. Link: https://www.acousticbarrierfactory.com/product/portable-soundproof-wall/

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