Silicones are organo-silicon polymers. Hence organosilicon compound containing -O-Si-O- linkages and Si-C bonds are known as silicones and the polymer are known as siloxanes. Silicones have general FOrmula (R2SiO)x. These may be linear silicones, Cyclic silicates and cross-linked silicones of the types. 

Application (Uses) of Silicones 

1. As silicones are water-resistant, they are useful for water-proofing certain industrial materials. The polar Si-O bonds orient themselves near the surface and the organic groups present a water-repelling exterior. 

2. They are used as effective lubricants of very high and very low temperature and as hydraulic fluids because of the viscous nature and thermal stability. 

3. Silicons resins are used in the insulation of electrical equipment and in electronics for printed circuit boards. They are used for the encapsulation of components such as resistor and integrated circuit.

4. Highly viscous silicones enclosed in biological compatible pouches. 

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