Do Mosquitoes Feel the effects of alcohol?

In many parts of the world there is risk of a mosquito bite mainly in warms parts. But what effect does the booze in your blood have on the insect itself?

As the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association found in 2002,  the likelihood of being bitten by a mosquito appears to be dramatically increased if you drink alcohol. The study a small one, involving only 13 subjects showed those who had drunk a bottle of beer were more likely to have mosquitoes land on them to feed.
why mosquitoes appear to be more attracted to drinkers, no one is quite sure about it. We do know mosquitoes home onto humans thanks to two chemicals we exhale when we breathe carbon dioxide and octanol. (Octanol: It a secondary alcohol created from the breakdown of linoleic acid, is also commonly known as “mushroom alcohol” because it’s the compound that helps give mushrooms their taste.)
Another study also found mosquitoes were attracted to those who had been drinking. The ethanol in the alcohol we are drinking and that we are excreting in minute quantities through ours sweat may be signal to the biting insects that there’s a meal nearby.
The level of exhaled carbon dioxide and body temperature had no effect on human attractiveness to mosquitoes. Despite individual volunteer variation, beer consumption consistently increased attractiveness to mosquitoes,  the report’s findings noted
If we hungry and we are walking around, More likely to make we go in one direction is the smell of food that strong smell of Mo:Mo  for instance. Now we might not eat the Mo:Mo, but it shows us there’s food around there. 
The alcohol may ring the dinner bell, The main factors attracting the mosquitoes towards us are probably entwined in your genetic make-up. Simply saying no to an ice-cold beer probably won’t save you from their attentions. And on the plus side, at least with a drink or two, you may not feel the itching quite so much.

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