Emulsions are colloid system in which both disperse phase and dispersion medium are liquid. These are 2 types

1. oil in water type emulsion (o/w)
In this emulsion, oil acts as disperse and phase and water acts as dispersion medium for eg. milk

2. Water in oil type emulsion (W/o)
In this emulsion water acts as disperse phase and oil acts as dispersion medium eg. Curd

Preparation of Emulsion :-
Emulsion can be prepared by shaking two liquid mixture or by passing the liquid mixture through homogenize.
     emulsion prepared by mixing two liquids are generally unstable due to the presence of interfacial tension. so to increase the stability certain stabilizing agents are added In emulsion the stabilizing agents are called emulsitying agent.
Demulsification :-
The phenomenon of breaking of emulsion into its constituent particle is called demulsification.

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